Chicago Peace Dialogue

Every month Chicago based religious leaders come together with a common purpose of creating peace throughout the world.

We can achieve peace with...

Constructive and Peaceful Dialogues.

Alliance Of Religions Chicago

What is the Alliance of Religions?

The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office Meetings are HWPL’s worldwide peace dialogue series on interfaith relations and scriptural texts. These meetings aim to prevent the conflicts caused by religious misunderstandings and bring forth peace through gaining a deeper understanding of the standards and teachings of each religion, as well as the concept of peace spoken about in each scripture.

The Peace Office Meetings have become a global movement, and an increasing number of influential religious leaders are now going beyond their traditional roles and work as messengers of peace. This innovative initiative has stirred up discussions among leaders of various faiths and has increased peaceful interactions between them. It has shown itself to be an effective tool for breaking down the walls between religions and achieving our common goal: peace.

Who is part of Alliance of Religions?

Religious leaders, interfaith peace groups and advocates for peace.