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HWPL Holds the Answer to Peace | HWPL Chicago

      In the crowded Cockle Bay room in Sydney, Australia, HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) hosted leaders of politics, education, and youth organizations who gathered to promote the collaboration of civic groups in order to establish an international law for peace.

This law is the DPCW, the Declaration of Peace, Cessation of War. The doctrine, with its 10 articles and 38 clauses was drafted by the HWPL International Law Peace Committee and proclaimed on March 14th, 2016.

Chairman Lee began his peace tour in the Philippines where 30,000 people were gathered at the Philippines Sports Stadium in Bulacan to support the international peace law.

In this world, conflict, violence, and suffering is so prevalent – but finding the solution is something that still remains – until now. What HWPL, and it’s two wings IPYG and IWPG work to accomplish, is the adaptation of the doctrine that can provide peace within each and every community. Of course, we can look back on many international agreements and attempts to develop peace between states, but what’s left of these declarations? This international peace law is more than a dream of world peace put on paper. What HWPL offers through the DPCW is sustainable peace.

The conference in Sydney began with the congratulatory message from Cr. Stephan Barbour, the Deputy Mayor of North Sydney Council. “I was so surprised that young people are building a foundation for peace in support of the DPCW. I am also very excited to see the scene where the peace letters, which contain the voices of young people for peace, are delivered to the representatives of each country. This is evidence that young people are changing the world,” he said.

Support from political leaders such as Deputy Mayor Barbour is what can help make this law a reality for us, but consider this – young men and women who stand behind a cause are seldom ignored. As young adults we have a responsibility to create a legacy of a culture of peace and security. For myself, a young woman living in Chicago seeking a way to end violence in this city, there were a lot of times I felt as though I couldn’t make a difference.

Witnessing the work of Chairman Lee around the world, it is an amazing honor to participate in the work of peace through IPYG Chicago.

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